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Do not rush for the battery!

2017-11-04 03:01:06

It's too cold for a lot of car owners to feel that the electric car is running far away from it or that the newly purchased electric car does not run far in the summer. What is going on? Is not a battery fault ah, in fact, in most cases are customers on the electric car and battery-related knowledge to understand too little, and even some misunderstandings. A battery dealer said the sky cold batteries mistakenly increased, mainly due to these reasons:

First, the temperature problem. Cold weather, the electric car running is not far from the normal phenomenon, the nominal capacity of lead-acid batteries is determined by the capacity of the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, the battery capacity will vary with the ambient temperature changes, the battery stored energy and Ambient temperature is proportional to the higher the ambient temperature the higher the capacity, the lower the ambient temperature the lower the capacity. 15 degrees Celsius, the battery charge and storage capacity are only two-thirds of the normal ambient temperature or lower, the weather is cold, the electric car can not help but use the electric car to run not far, are normal phenomenon. When the weather is warm, the battery can return to its normal state.

Second, the charger problem. Now many non-brand charger manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use of circuit boards and internal electronic components of poor quality, easy to cause damage and charging voltage or high or low, the use of such a charger will inevitably affect the battery durability and mileage! Please select the well-known charger manufacturers, battery charger is a good partner, care of the battery, starting from the charging ...

classical lead acid battery electric bike (HP-E918)

classical lead acid battery electric bike (HP-E918)

Name: Lead acid battery steel frame electric bike Model:HP-E916 Info:(HP-E916) Electric bike

26 inch frame hidden battery lightweight electric bike

26 inch frame hidden battery lightweight electric bike

Name: Downtube hidden battery fat tire electric bike Model:HP-E019 Info:(HP-E019) Electric bike

26 inch full suspension fat tire mountain electric bike

26 inch full suspension fat tire mountain electric bike

26 inch full suspension fat tire mountain electric bike(HP-E041)


Third, excessive load. Now electric car pull cargo "overload" a lot, can pull three pounds of stuff pulled eight pounds, the car like "" snail "in the forward, the electric car has become your" slave "in the load when the vehicle components Forced operation, discharge current, there is no current limiting protection, let the battery forcibly discharged, leading to the battery internal vitality and shorten the damage to the battery!

Fourth, by some customers who misleading. In the past, a customer told me that his electric car 48V12AH battery can run 150, let alone his words are true or false, if the customer in accordance with this standard battery, then all of these types of electric vehicles are estimated to reach. Some customers like to exaggerate, some customers believe it, so no problem car will have a problem.

In addition there are some common reasons, such as lack of tire pressure, driving pressure caused by low pressure is too large, the electric car brake adjustment is too tight or the brake is not fully back, poor road conditions cause frequent acceleration and deceleration and braking , Too much ramp, windward driving and so on. Therefore, users are in the evaluation of a good or bad electric vehicles, there are many factors that reference standards, especially the new car, if the mileage does not meet their own requirements, then do not blindly blame the poor quality of the battery.

Of course, a high-quality battery is really important, such as Xu sent the battery. Asahi excellent battery quality, good service, sales, service, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of building a very good, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.