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Electric bicycle industry and development to broaden their thinking and seek new ideas

2017-11-17 17:50:48

After ten years of rapid development, the people's livelihood products such as electric cars, just like the essential oil for people. According to relevant statistics, as of the end of 2013, the number of electric vehicles in the national market has reached as high as 150 million. The industry of electric vehicles has gradually entered the inflection point from the growth and maturity stage of the product development cycle of the product life cycle. avoid. Electric vehicle industry marketing three ax: advertising, promotion, price war also escape the diminishing marginal utility of this classic economics, the more and lose the effect of all the electric car manufacturers a loss, overwhelmed. Due to the special nature of the industry, grassroots this label has been accompanied by the growth of the electric car industry. Also formally due to the special nature of grassroots, electric vehicles only make people closer to the livelihood needs, creating a myth of explosive growth in the electric car industry ten years. However, as the industry gradually enters maturation and recession, it is obviously unrealistic to survive in the most brutal market competition merely as a grassroots. Faced with such a complex environment for survival, how to deal with electric car companies, the author will explore the following aspects.
Channel integration
As the industry's target customer base is mainly concentrated in rural areas such as counties and rural areas, the higher the sensitivity of the price, so the price war is still the preferred competition in the industry. For the leading brands such as Emma and Alti, there is no doubt about the scale effect caused by the huge sales volume. Due to its lower purchasing cost, it has certain advantages in product cost control. Of course, due to the tremendous investment in brand promotion in recent years, the cost amortization of marketing costs has been so high that the prices of its end products do not necessarily have a comparative advantage. Of course, the tremendous benefits that brands bring to consumer awareness enable them to stay ahead of the industry for the long term, and we will not discuss much here. The demand of end customers is mainly the price / performance ratio of products. Since the differentiation of industry products is not obvious and the homogeneity is extremely serious, the market price is still the decisive factor for product sales. From the perspective of the value chain, due to the nature of the current channels, distributors inevitably raise prices at every level. Therefore, when the products are put into the hands of consumers, the prices of products at least 500 yuan more than the ex-factory price. Dealers for their own interests, of course, will seek more vehicle manufacturers discount policy, thereby further pulling the product factory and the terminal market price difference. For larger distributors, the channel's bargaining power gradually increased, kidnapping the vehicle manufacturers have emerged. In fact, the channel for the king has brought a profound lesson to the home appliance industry, the United States Suning's super ability to force many well-known home appliance manufacturers have had low. Do we also need to reinstate the tragedy of the home appliance industry in the electric car industry? So what can we do? Cut the dealers, right, cut the dealers. Only the dealer of the traditional channel chain cut off, in order to cut the dealer fare increase this link to ensure that the product ex-factory price and the lowest market price difference, the maximum allow for consumers. Specific ways there are many, do not do a detailed discussion here, such as the acquisition of larger channels, the establishment of sales branches, so that the original dealer do not make the difference, and to the real when the vehicle manufacturer's shareholders to share the company Long-term development of the proceeds, these are the specific ways of channel integration. Of course, the original distributor did not completely break away from the relationship with the enterprise, and their shift from businessman to shareholder benefited the company's long-term development. Local dealers deal with local issues, but not or less involved in the management of stores, large-scale use of CRM systems, unified selling price, keep the store inventory, sales information, accurate product demand information collection and sales forecast information , So as to formulate a unified company-wide sales strategy and implementation strategy, and finally fully meet customer needs.
Manufacturing mode
Electric cars seem to be very similar to the motorcycle industry product technology, manufacturing processes, but in essence they are completely different. Electric cars due to inherent lack of life expectancy of parts and prices of people-friendly has changed from durable consumer goods has become a fast-moving consumer goods trend. Product life cycle is short, the diversification of user needs, there is not a business as motorcycle as a platform, a product world. Therefore, the diversification of customer needs and short product life cycle determine the current motorcycle manufacturing model to meet the demand for electric vehicle products to meet the inadaptability. Due to historical reasons, the majority of employees in the electric vehicle industry come from motorcycle companies, so the overall manufacturing model follows the inherent pattern of motorcycle manufacturers. After all, is the production of fixed-sales, or production-based sales? At present, the vast majority of electric car manufacturers to adopt production and sales model. However, due to vehicle companies do not have enough channel management and market guidance capabilities, in fact, sales or sales of fixed assets. This objective caused the vehicle production and sales of enterprises out of line, resulting unable to meet the actual needs of customers. As an example, a dealer from the beginning of the order to the delivery, few automakers can do within 30 days. Why? Because different dealers on the product requirements of different models, the color requirements are different, but the dealer can not only request a delivery of each car, assuming each delivery requires 5 cars, a variety of configurations and colors A, then at least more than 30 different models of the car. To know that the vehicle manufacturers are still using the current scale of production operations, a line every day if more than 3 line change models, then the efficiency will be greatly reduced. So if you want to meet the needs of customers, OEMs can only use large-scale inventory method, that is, each vehicle inventory to do the dealer selection. Due to the vehicle manufacturers can not effectively predict the needs of customers, empirically made inventory waste serious. Therefore, to change our thinking and change the flexible mode of production is the fundamental solution to this problem. Cell-based production is the best way to solve this multi-variety, small batch needs. This article on the cell-type production mode not to discuss too much, interested readers can refer to "Canon production mode" book. In short, who can take the lead in solving flexible production to meet diverse customer needs, who in the fierce competition in the market to take the initiative, which will become the next 5 years, the core competitiveness of electric car manufacturers.
Quality is king
The price of the knife hung in the lower reaches of each electric car factory neck, because the limited competitiveness of vehicle manufacturers, only through price competition. Pursuit of short-term interests, businessman thinking in this grass-roots industry in particular with the market. The current situation is that many large and medium-sized vehicle manufacturers keep saying that to make the brand, select the difference, but behind the scenes, using cheap, unstable quality of small brand suppliers. In fact, the formation of the market, especially the formation of a brand is not a simple advertising will be able to solve. Consumers are constantly educated, which is the same as the cottage handset in the domestic market that year is a reason, when we find that the original cheap really no good goods, they will always give up this choice. The current market situation is that a large number of customers are already buying electric vehicles twice or three times. Their choices of electric vehicle brands have become more and more rational. They gradually understand the fact that the performance of electric vehicles depends on the quality of the accessories, and even can require that the designated core Components, such as batteries, controllers, motors and more.
In terms of corporate strategy, nothing more than product alienation and low-cost strategy. Low-cost does not mean that low-quality, shoddy, perpetrating a short-term gains will inevitably not be recognized by the market long-term, consumers will definitely let you pay for it forever. As for the difference, the choice and the cooperation of the core brands of brand accessories is the fundamental solution to the problem. ?
For example, the controller, high standard, crystal sink is the current market quality and innovation ability of the best supplier of electric car controller, its product quality and innovative ability has long been widely recognized by the market, more end-user-specified Car manufacturers must use. However, due to high-end materials, high product prices, many OEMs forced to abandon the use of short-term interests and choose other brands, there is an example to illustrate the problem, when a medium-sized car companies to use other brands to replace the high standard of control After that, its market share dropped by 50% in half a year, and many dealers gave up acting on the branded products because they saw the fact that the brand sacrificed long-term in return for short-term gains. Such a business does not have tomorrow. The high-end controller companies in R & D innovation is also a huge investment, and then a high standard, for example, as early as 2009 that access to national high-tech enterprise certification, annual research and development investment in more than 20 million yuan, while more than 10 million per year The controller sales inevitably require its product quality assurance system with extraordinary reliability. Such enterprises should serve as strategic partners dedicated to the core of a brilliant tomorrow's automobile enterprises. Only such enterprises can provide OEMs with reliable products so as to ensure their long-term competitive advantages.

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