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Electric bike fire prevention tutorial

2017-11-10 02:58:06

The fire department has done a special electric vehicle combustion experiment on the dangers of electric vehicle fire. Experimental simulation of a household electric car on the corridor charging, short circuit during the entire process of triggering a fire. After a large number of pre-technical preparation, a charging electric car due to circuit failure fire, a few minutes later quickly ignited the other two parked next to the electric car. Real-time monitoring of the scene data: After 30 seconds, the flame temperature rose to 310 degrees, at this time the room temperature reached 120 degrees; 2 minutes later, the flame temperature of 680 degrees, other plastic parts car batteries were ignited, room temperature reached 180-220 degrees; Sub-30 seconds, the entire car battery has been wrapped in flame, the temperature reached 1200 degrees, the temperature in the room is also more than 660 degrees. Even more frightening and toxic smoke, plastic parts in the car emit a lot of thick smoke at high temperatures, the scene instantly shrouded in black smoke. Toxic gas detector through the site monitoring: 20 seconds after the fire, indoor air hydrogen sulfide (highly toxic); 30 seconds later, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide alarm, are more than the limits of human respiratory tolerance. The scene, the maximum concentration of hydrogen sulfide 240ppm (concentration units), and according to statistics, more than 100ppm of hydrogen sulfide and cause chronic poisoning, when people are injured by hydrogen sulfide, often confusion, muscle spasms, stiff, followed by Heavy falls, bruises and falls.

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This shows that the special hazards caused by electric vehicles in the performance of two points, that is, the fire temperature and toxic smoke. In Wujin Minghuang's "9.11" group fire, in the event of a fire, there were 11 electric vehicles, 2 motorcycles and 2 bicycles in the parking area on the ground floor. The reason for the fire was that one of the tenants' electric cars were fired at night During the charging process, an electrical fault triggered a fire. Finally, the smoke spread to the second and third floors along the stairwell, resulting in a tragedy of three dead and two wounded.

Reason: weak safety awareness, improper charging and so on

According to the analysis, the deep-seated reasons that cause such a big fire hazard of electric vehicles are mainly hardware and software.

Hardware aspects of the electric car itself, but the electrical safety protection device, but the customs, the main electrical devices, however, the layout of the production assembly line, but outside the extensive use of combustible materials

The main reason for the software is the user in this area. Such as electric car charging properly. Including over-charging, self-charging wire charging, charger and battery models do not match, and so on. In addition, the use of improper maintenance can also easily lead to electric car fire accident. If you do not usually pay attention to maintenance and inspection, the internal part of the interface is easy to loose, positive and negative touch line short circuit, if the ignition in the larger current will easily cause a fire. Most users in the electric car fails, repair or deliver their own non-professional repair, free to modify the internal electric car line, it may also lead to the wrong connection of the electric car line, causing a fire. In addition, overloaded riding on the motor and battery are damaged, hidden dangers.

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Max 72v 1000w electric motorcycle

Many electric user safety awareness is weak, the use of "extended service" batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, the general service life of 1-2 years, some owners in order to save money, the battery expired "service", what is more, to buy repaired batteries , Easily lead to battery spontaneous combustion caused a fire. The private anti-theft devices, increasing the load on electricity, but also easy to cause theft and its connection line fire, in particular, some users for convenience, illegal electric vehicles on the corridor, block the evacuation routes, and chaotic random access cable Electric car charging, in the event of a fire, can easily cause significant loss of life and property.

Prevention: Buy qualified electric vehicles, regulate the safe use

In the daily use of electric vehicles, how to prevent electric car fire accident? Fire Department made the following points:

First, should be purchased using the production license has been manufactured by qualified manufacturers of electric vehicles, chargers and batteries, shall not be illegal modification of electric vehicles and their accessories.

Second, electric vehicles should be parked in a safe place, shall not park in the living room, staircases, evacuation routes, safety exit, shall not occupy the fire engine access.

Third, the electric car charging line socket should be qualified electricians to install and fixed laying, not to pull the power cord chaotic access; should be used in accordance with instructions for charging, not a long time charging; charging should be carried out outdoors, There must be no combustible material around.

Fourth, residential property services companies and management units responsible for the sharing of electric vehicles parked, charging management, fire safety inspection and fire inspection carried out; conditional, you can set a fixed focus on the charging point of electric vehicles, or set with safety devices Charging facilities for residents to use.

Fifth, citizens should conscientiously abide by the fire laws and regulations, and found violations of fire laws and regulations of the act, through the "96119" report complaints telephone to the public security organ.