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The traditional bike industry under the "Internet +" gorgeous turn around

2017-11-06 22:41:49

The era of "Internet +" sign is quietly changing our lives, as China once the symbol of "bicycle" there will be any change? Faced with the fierce cross-border integration of Internet companies, China's bicycle industry will go from here? Under the background of "Internet +" era, what is the space for the development of China's bicycle enterprises? "Internet +" will bring what impact China's bicycle industry? The answer to these questions may be from "China (Beijing) International Bicycle Electric Vehicle and Parts Exhibition" will be answered.
From November 6 to November 8, 2015, Beijing Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association, jointly sponsored by China Light Industry Bicycle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, China Battery Industry Association Lithium Battery Application Committee and Zhenwei Exhibition Group co-sponsored the "China (Beijing) International Bicycle Electric Vehicle and Parts Exhibition "will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center.
The face of Internet cross-border Chinese bicycle companies will go from here?
The Internet has brought disruptive product ideas and new opportunities for growth. Traditional bicycle companies must take this opportunity to turn from a hardware manufacturer to a designer of Internet products. No matter how the Internet age changes, the nature of business, the nature of manufacturing is the same, providing quality products and services, allowing users to tempted and peace of mind, which is the most need to consider. Traditional bicycle companies need to shorten the cognitive differences with the Internet companies to achieve integration and development, to complete the industry's intelligent revolution.
In 2015, the national bicycle electric car enterprises generally face severe challenges. Industry overcapacity problems gradually highlighted, smart bike revolution how to achieve? At the same time increasingly popular online shopping, the industry's traditional sales model how to transition and upgrade? In this year's reform and turmoil in the general trend, the industry should in the end how to deal with business? These puzzles will be answered at the 2016 Industry Trends Summit held during the show.
China's bicycle business development space how much?
With the green travel, health sports, leisure and entertainment enjoys popular support, sales of high-end bicycles showed an upward trend. Meanwhile, as more and more bicycle enterprises are recognized as high-tech enterprises, the comprehensive added value of bicycle products is also constantly improving. The strategy of "One Belt, One Road" was introduced. Bicycle exporting countries and regions along the routes have enjoyed rapid growth and become the most promising emerging markets. However, Asia and North America are still the major export markets for bicycles in China. In the first seven months, China exported 35.287 million bicycles with an export volume of 2.18 billion U.S. dollars, up 5.8% over the same period of last year.
The organizer of the exhibition will hold the kick-off ceremony of "Riding the Earth - Multicolour Morocco" and invite the International Interlocutors Union and other embassies, consulates and business organizations such as France and Brazil to visit the event to provide a strong and meticulous field procurement docking service. Strong alliance is bound to China's bicycle industry into a shotgun.
"Internet +" to bring China's bicycle industry what impact?

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In recent years, big data and cloud technologies have swept across many industries. The concept of "Internet +" has been stationed in various fields of economic life. The traditional bicycle industry is facing new challenges.
How to successfully develop their own sales channels, the traditional entity stores and how to use the Internet to achieve quality service; what is the traditional bicycle worthy of nostalgia cherished, or technical breakthroughs in smart bikes worth the longing; a ride that ride away with the Give us what kind of cultural experience? With these questions, the exhibition will be held over the same period, "2016 Willow Blossom - Where to ride a bike," the Forum, COOKEE Wang Wei, 30 Maidin Zhenhui, LeTV Li Dalong, BiCi Jiang Min Chen and other bicycle pioneers will be well-known enterprises in the industry dialogue and discussion, perhaps we Will find the answer one by one.
It is understood that the total exhibition area of ​​nearly 20000 square meters exhibition, Yadi, Lvyuan, cattle technology, Delta Electronics, Taiwan's bell, urban wind, Phoenix, Lok, Jade Xing, Giant, Solomon, the United States Lightning, HERRMANS, the United States Dahon, France Locke, Germany CUBE many domestic and international famous brands exhibitors, leading the industry trend of development. As China's political, scientific and technological and cultural center, Beijing has a huge consumption potential of 22 million people, a market of 11 million vehicles and an annual sales volume of 2 million vehicles. It has become the largest market with the most growth potential in the country. Guo Jinzhi, president of Beijing Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association, said in an interview that Beijing, as the national bicycle riding culture support point, is a benchmark for the national electric bicycle market and a gathering place for domestic and international high-end brands. With the imminent introduction of Beijing E-Bike Group standards and the gradual clarification of the electric vehicle management policies in 2016, the Beijing market will show explosive and heavy volume growth.