How Do Electric Bikes Work?


If you've ever wanted to try electric bikes, you've pro […]

If you've ever wanted to try electric bikes, you've probably wondered how they work. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to calculate the range of a bike's battery. A battery's watt-hours are calculated by multiplying the voltage by the amp-hours. That number is then divided by the motor's wattage. For example, if the motor is 780 watts, then a battery that produces 676 watt-hours will last for 60 miles.

A battery powers an electric motor and drivetrain. A display controls the level of assistance the motor provides. The battery can be removed for charging. Other electric bikes require charging on the bike or near a power outlet. Both types of bikes feature a motor controller. This controller controls how much assistance the bike receives and monitors the battery level. A screen, similar to a smartphone, is often included in some models. The motor is usually mounted at the center of the bike.

The range of electric bikes varies from model to model. Some have long ranges and some have short ranges. Full-power bikes are best suited for shorter trips as they do not require a lot of pedaling. Typical ranges range from 16-30km, or 10 to 20 miles. However, some models can reach as high as 35 miles.