How to extend the battery life of electric bicycles?


Consumers should make good use of electric bicycles. Fi […]

Consumers should make good use of electric bicycles. First, they must carefully choose the brand, understand its quality status and service promises, so as to buy back high-quality electric bicycle products. In addition, understanding and mastering some basic knowledge of battery use and maintenance is essential for saving power resources and prolonging battery life.
1. When the electric vehicle is on the bridge, climbing or driving in the wind, it should be driven by manpower to prevent the battery-powered current from increasing suddenly.
2. When you just get on the bike or when you want to ride after an emergency brake is stopped during driving, it is best to pedal a few times and wait for the electric bike to reach a certain speed before you ride it. Try not to use electric power to start an electric vehicle when it is at a standstill.
  3. During riding, if you need to accelerate, you should slowly rotate the speed control handle to avoid direct acceleration to the fastest gear. Not only will it not immediately increase the speed of the vehicle, but it will also generate an inrush current that will cause damage to the battery. When the road conditions permit, try to make the electric vehicle drive at the highest speed.
  4. During riding, try to avoid frequent braking and starting, and use pedals to drive when the road is crowded. This not only increases the "continuation mileage" and improves the battery efficiency, but also extends the battery life.
   5. Charge frequently so that the battery is always in a full state. Users with conditions should charge as they use it, but they must grasp the total amount of charging time.
   6. If you are not going to use it for a long time, you should store the battery after it is fully charged and recharge it regularly (1 month).
7. The battery level shows that the battery is dead. After a period of time, it is found that the battery has a small amount of voltage, which is called "rebound voltage". Users should not use this "rebound voltage" to drive.