How to improve the driving efficiency of electric tricycles?


For electric tricycles, the drive motor efficiency is a […]

For electric tricycles, the drive motor efficiency is a very important part. To determine the characteristic parameters of the motor is mainly based on the requirements of continuous power supply to meet the maximum load of the three-wheeled electric vehicle. In order to improve the drive efficiency of electric tricycles, the performance of the drive motor should meet the following requirements:

1: A sufficiently large starting torque to meet the requirements of electric tricycles for quick start, acceleration, climbing, frequent starting and stopping. The speed range of the motor is generally within the range of 30% to 100% of the maximum speed. A similar small Torque, constant power output characteristics, the maximum speed of the electric tricycle meets the requirements, and the time of the maximum power of the specific power supply.

2: It should be within the speed range of the corresponding characteristics of fast torque, which can quickly control the controllability of the motor. The driving and braking torque requirements are high, and it has good environmental adaptability and can be reliable under different operating conditions. Work, easy maintenance, low noise and so on.

The above two points sum up, the drive motor type of electric tricycle chooses the level of power requirements of the car, motor performance, weight, volume and other technical and economic factors.