How to perform routine maintenance on electric vehicles?


When the day is over, the battery should be charged in […]

When the day is over, the battery should be charged in time. Most of the batteries on electric bicycles are lead-acid batteries, which have no memory effect. Keep the maximum capacity of the battery when you use it, so as to avoid deep discharge during use, so as to extend the battery life.
When parking, choose shade and rain, do not expose to the sun, do not get drenched in heavy rain, and make the electrical appliances get wet. Electric bicycles have become a favorite means of transportation for the people because of their environmental protection, economic and convenient characteristics, and play a positive role in alleviating the energy crisis and dredging urban traffic congestion. However, inconvenient charging, easy loss of electric vehicles or batteries, and tens of millions of used batteries discarded every year have a negative impact on consumers and the environment. Electric vehicle refueling stations are similar to car refueling stations. They store concentrated batteries at each refueling station to replace batteries at any time for electric bicycle users. It also provides comprehensive services such as maintenance. Twenty power stations have been built in the urban area of ​​Wuxi. The citizens can power up nearby, and they no longer worry about mishaps due to running out of batteries on the way, and save the trouble of charging at home.