What are the performance and types of electric vehicles?


The performance and types of electric vehicles are as f […]

The performance and types of electric vehicles are as follows:

1. Lead-acid batteries (lead-acid gel batteries) are cheap and have stable performance. Most electric vehicles on the market use this type of battery.
2. Lithium-ion battery (often called lithium battery) has a higher cost, but has a large specific energy; high specific power; low self-discharge; no memory effect; good cycle characteristics; wide operating temperature range; no environmental pollution, etc. advantage
3. Crystal gel battery has high cost and stable performance. Electric vehicles using this type of battery are rare in the market. Only a few merchants provide this high-performance battery with the highest safety factor. The service life is much higher than the advantages of the first two types of batteries and the advantages of self-repairing functions are also the industry's leading position. The advantage is that lead-acid batteries do not have the advantage of avoiding the disadvantages of lead-acid batteries.
Primary battery: throw away when used up and cannot be used repeatedly, such as carbon-zinc battery, alkaline battery, mercury battery, lithium battery.
Secondary batteries: rechargeable and repeatable users, such as: nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries, nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, lithium rechargeable batteries, lead-acid batteries, solar batteries, crystal gel batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries.
According to the purpose
industrial use
Example: The factory is used in the product built-in, which is a specific shape or multi-grain composition, such as: electric tools, communication batteries, etc.
Consumer use
Example: For general consumer use, replaceable ones can be purchased in the market. The most used cylindrical convex battery.