The safety knowledge of electric vehicles must be known!


In recent years, the mobility and flexibility of electr […]

In recent years, the mobility and flexibility of electric vehicles have been loved by many people, and there are more and more electric vehicles on the street. However, many electric vehicle drivers have low traffic safety awareness and fail to comply with traffic laws and regulations, which makes electric vehicle illegal behaviors prominent; Now when it comes to electric vehicles, it is always reminiscent of retrograde, running lights, speeding, illegal occupation, etc.

Traffic violations. As a traffic participant, how should electric vehicle drivers drive safely?
When passing busy sections of traffic, reduce the speed in advance to achieve "comfortable pedestrians and civilized driving". When driving, pay attention to the road conditions ahead, pedestrians and vehicle dynamics, correctly control the electric vehicle, and drive calmly.
Mastering common sense of electric vehicles is the key!
(1) Slow down in advance and avoid sudden braking on watery roads, icy and snowy roads, and corners;
(2) When you get off the car, remember to pull the key to turn off the power, especially when you have a child, to prevent accidentally touching the handle and the electric car loses control;

(3) Slow down in the blind area of ??vision, stay away from large trucks, and do not compete with large vehicles (every electric vehicle owner must understand the blind area of ??vision, including blind areas caused by large vehicle blind areas, buildings, fences and other obstacles) , Where there are blind spots, be sure to slow down and ride, safety first);

(4) When riding at night, turn on the night running lights and headlights, and slow down. (When riding an electric car at night, turning on the lights is not only to let yourself see the road, but also to allow pedestrians and other drivers to see themselves. Avoid driving safety accidents. Electric vehicles riding at night without turning on the lights have become one of the factors that cause traffic safety accidents);

(5) Do not modify and install awnings and parasols (the danger of installing awning parasols on electric vehicles is very dangerous. It is easy to see obstructed vision and unstable center of gravity during riding. In addition, if the umbrella handle breaks, It will be like a sharp blade in front of you, very dangerous);

(6) Beware of the risks caused by earphone cords, long scarves, and long skirts during riding (Never listen to music while riding, as dangerous accidents are prone to occur). These inconspicuous small objects that we often use are unexpectedly deadly killers in electric bicycle riding. The potential hidden dangers are very large, and they should attract enough attention from electric bicycle riders;
(7) Wearing a safety helmet is the most important.