What behaviors can lead to short battery life in electric vehicles?


Although some big brands of electric vehicle batteries […]

Although some big brands of electric vehicle batteries do not need frequent maintenance, maintenance can prolong their service life, but many users do not care about maintenance, and even many behaviors hurt the battery, which eventually leads to a short life of the battery. Their behaviors include the following:

First, overcharge, fast charge
Overcharging, we all know that overcharging is not good for any electrical appliance, but even so, there are still many users who do not pay attention when charging the battery of electric vehicles, resulting in the final overcharging of the battery, and the number of times of overcharging is large. If it is, it will affect the conversion of the battery, and ultimately affect the service life of the battery.

Most of the fast-charging people are young people. Because many young people always forget to charge, they use the charger they carry with the car to charge a little when they need to use it, and then use it again and recharge it again and again. great damage. The most direct manifestation is that the capacity of the battery is reduced. The capacity of many batteries is very good, and the general service life is one year to one and a half years, but fast charging will greatly reduce the life expectancy, so it will be scrapped in less than a year. Even a relatively good battery that can be used for two and a half to three years will reduce its lifespan if it is frequently charged quickly.

Therefore, it is also recommended that the user must not fast charge or overcharge, otherwise the battery will not be able to use the years set by the manufacturer.

Second, do not charge when idle
Many users think that if I don't use an electric car, I don't need to charge the battery, and when to use it, when to recharge it. This idea is wrong. Even if the battery of an electric vehicle is not used, there will be a phenomenon of running out of electricity when it is idle. Therefore, the newly bought battery is not full, even if it is full, it is empty. The principle is this.

If the battery has not been charged, but the battery itself consumes power, although the amount is small, it will affect the chemical substances on the electrodes for a long time, thereby endangering the service life of the electric vehicle battery.

Therefore, it is recommended that the user should charge the battery once a month or every other month even if the battery is not in use, which can not only form a kind of protection for the battery, but also stabilize the service life of the battery without shortening it.