What precautions should be taken when using an electric tricycle?


Many people will ride electric tricycles. Some people t […]

Many people will ride electric tricycles. Some people think that electric tricycles are very easy to ride and don’t care about riding electric tricycles. It also requires a lot of knowledge!

Try not to start the three-wheeled electric vehicle at zero load or on an uphill. It is best to use human power to drive it a little when starting. When it has a certain speed, it is converted to an electric vehicle, because the electric motor must first overcome the static friction when starting. At this time, the current is relatively large, close to or even reaching the anti-rotation current, which means that the battery works with high current and accelerates the damage of the battery. If the electric tricycle encounters a bumpy road, it should drive slowly or get off the car to drive, and avoid frequent braking and starting when driving, so it is best to drive at a low speed in places with high traffic.

Generally, the battery capacity of simple electric vehicles is small, so it is best to use human power to drive the battery when starting. This can prevent the battery from discharging due to high current for a long time. driven distance.

Three-wheeled electric vehicles are not afraid of rain, but in order to prevent water from entering the motor, the height of the water should not exceed the lower edge of the electric wheel hub bearing seat. Dry the motor and other electrical components as soon as possible after riding in the rain to prevent short circuit or leakage, etc.!