Maintenance knowledge of electric car battery


First of all, in terms of charging, every time after go […]

First of all, in terms of charging, every time after going home, regardless of the length of use, the battery must be charged to keep the battery in a fully charged state. If the battery is not fully charged occasionally, the battery will be It produces a kind of "memory", which affects its continuous mileage and also consumes battery life. When charging, plug in the battery plug first, and then plug in the power plug. When charging is over, first pull out the power plug and then the battery plug.
Secondly, start the electric vehicle to avoid high-current discharge and reduce the number of people to use. It is best to push it manually or assist riding when climbing, otherwise the battery will be greatly damaged. If the vehicle is parked in the open air or cold storage for several weeks, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent damage to the battery from freezing. Moreover, when the temperature is too low, the use time of electric vehicles should be shortened as much as possible, and charging should be carried out in time. If you do not plan to use the battery car in winter, do not keep the battery recharged in the next year. Instead, charge the battery once every 1 month to ensure the storage capacity of the lead-acid battery and avoid acid spillage damage. battery. The maintenance staff said that when maintaining the battery, remember to charge frequently and assist more.
After half a year of use, it is best to go to the repair point to do a battery maintenance, properly replenish the battery's electrolyte, adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte, and check its power storage, maintain the specific gravity of the battery's electrolyte, and increase the number of recharges if necessary. At the same time, it is also very important to clean the battery terminal and apply special grease to protect it. This can ensure the reliability of the electric vehicle when it starts and extend the battery life.