Do you know the reason for the premature battery life of electric vehicles?


Why does your electric car battery have premature aging […]

Why does your electric car battery have premature aging and short life? Below we have sorted out a few key points, and hope to help you understand the causes of premature battery aging:
1. The car owner has no awareness of battery maintenance, causing serious battery vulcanization damage. You have to wait until the battery can't run before repairing it. At this time, repairing becomes more difficult. In fact, if you maintain it once every 6 months, the life expectancy will be extended a lot, but the car owner does not have this awareness. Most of the battery damage starts from excessive water loss caused by the charger.
2. The charger is the killer. Divided into inferior chargers and aging chargers, these battery killers generally play a killer role after the battery 8 months. The reason is that the new battery meets the taste of these battery killers. As the battery ages, the battery cannot meet the killer's requirements. By June each year, the battery quickly loses water and becomes deformed, and the electric bike is damaged.
3. The high starting current of luxury electric vehicles causes battery vulcanization. If the car owner starts the car and accelerates slowly, the battery life and mileage will naturally increase by 20%.
4. The motor controller is damaged, causing the battery to be short-lived. The probability is not high, but there are many.
5. Riding without power loss, naturally long life. The new battery can be charged every time the electricity is used above the red light, but it cannot be driven without power. Every time you lose power, the lifespan will be shorter, and the new battery will soon be scrapped after 10 times of power loss. Charge it in time to avoid power loss.