How should electric scooters be cleaned?


Nowadays, more and more people use electric scooters. I […]

Nowadays, more and more people use electric scooters. In daily use, it is inevitable that they will encounter such conditions as dirty. When everyone encounters these problems, it must be difficult. Can electric scooters use water? Washing, and I'm afraid that I might wash which parts accidentally. Of course, everyone hopes to wash their car cleanly, look comfortable, and ride comfortably.

Many people like to wash electric scooters with water guns, and doing so will cause greater damage to the electric scooters. The side cover of some electric scooters is not well sealed. When the high pressure of the water gun is encountered, water will enter the motor from the gap in the side cover. Although the display screen of the electric scooter is sealed, even if high-pressure water cannot enter, water vapor can still enter. If the car is washed in summer, the temperature of the water gun during the car wash is low, and the sun is exposed to the sun after the car is washed, and the temperature difference is large. , It is easy to produce water vapor inside the display. Over time, the battery will shorten its life and other electronic components will also be damaged.

Therefore, cleaning electric scooters with water guns requires skill, because electric scooters are charged instead of burning gasoline, and accidental leakage will cause electric leakage.

So, what is the correct way to wash a car?
Take a basin of water and wash the car with a rag dipped in water. High pressure will not be generated. Brush the corners with an old toothbrush, such as the inside of the rear shock absorber and the calipers. Dry the part (iron part), don't dry it naturally, it will rust easily, especially the screws. After washing the car in summer, place the car in a cool place to prevent the electric scooter display from entering water vapor.