What are the common problems with electric scooters?


1. Can electric scooters be taken on the subway? Electr […]

1. Can electric scooters be taken on the subway?
Electric scooters can be taken on the subway. There are currently no regulations prohibiting the carrying of electric scooters, so everyone can bring related items on rail transit. However, it should be noted that the passenger code restricts the size of luggage carried by passengers to "the length must not exceed 1.8 meters, the weight must not exceed 30 kg, and the width and height must not exceed 0.5 meters." Therefore, electric scooters within this standard range, security personnel Release is usually given.

2. Can electric scooters be taken on the plane?
can not. The lithium battery capacity of the popular jog mobility tools on the market now is between 500Wh and 1000Wh, which exceeds the maximum lithium battery limit of 100Wh (specially no more than 160Wh) stipulated by my country's civil aviation.

3. Can electric scooters go on high-speed rail?
Generally speaking, electronic products are prohibited from being carried because of batteries. For example, airplanes have stricter regulations. Electric scooters use lithium batteries, which are not included in the railway safety management regulations (common electric vehicles use lead-acid batteries, so they are clearly not allowed), so they can be brought. It's just that the railway staff will ask to pack it up and it is not allowed to be used in the station, so if you really want to bring it, you must be prepared to carry it all the way.