How to maintain the battery of an electric car?


Improper maintenance of electric vehicle batteries and […]

Improper maintenance of electric vehicle batteries and improper use of chargers will affect the normal service life of electric vehicles. So how to maintain electric vehicle batteries?

1. Be dedicated: The technical parameters of the chargers for electric sightseeing cars of different brands and models may be basically different. Don't change the charger at will when you are not sure.

2. Charge in time: After the electric vehicle battery is discharged, the vulcanization process begins. Charge in time can remove the less serious vulcanized crystals; if it is not charged in time, these vulcanized crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals, which will gradually reduce the battery capacity. , Shorten the service life of the battery.

3. Do not over-discharge: Generally, when the battery meter shows 3 bars, the battery should be returned to the garage for charging. Try not to overuse it, otherwise it will seriously damage the battery of the electric car and even shorten the service life of the battery.

4. Timely replacement of the battery: The battery of an electric car has a service life, and even the best battery has its storage capacity to be unusable. In order not to affect the normal use of the electric car, it is also very important to replace the original supporting battery in time.

When charging an electric car, it must be arranged in a place with good indoor ventilation and a suitable ambient temperature; in addition, it must be waterproof and protected from rain. Electric car chargers are usually not waterproof and will generally be damaged when exposed to water.