Why do electric vehicle batteries get hot when charging?


Under normal circumstances, the charging heat of electr […]

Under normal circumstances, the charging heat of electric vehicle batteries is the same, not very high, but it is not low temperature. It will not harm the battery within the normal range. When charging the electric vehicle battery at home, it is found that the battery is always Fever and hot, what the hell is going on? The main reasons why the electric vehicle battery gets hot and even does not turn on the light are as follows:

First, the battery and charger do not match
This is the most common. Most families will have one or more electric cars, and many families have electric cars of different brands. The battery chargers are naturally different, but they will often be mixed during use. Use, such a mismatched charger will cause the battery to move the heat of the power supply when charging, so it will become hot and hot. For this, it is recommended not to use other brands of chargers easily, and only use your own. If your own charger is broken, it is recommended to buy and configure it at the original dealership, so as to avoid not being able to buy a suitable one.

Second, quality issues
Electric vehicle batteries need to volatilize a large amount of hydrogen and yang when charging, but new batteries generally do not have this kind of heat and heat, because they are all processed by the manufacturer and the temperature is constant. If it appears, it means new There is a problem with the battery.

From these two points, it can be seen that electric vehicle batteries are also very delicate. If you don’t take care of them carefully, accidents are easy to occur, such as fires caused by heat, etc. This is not alarmism, but to tell everyone importance.

In addition, you need to remember that the battery of an electric vehicle is not worn out, but badly charged. During the charging process, you must always keep in mind the manufacturer's instructions and strictly follow it, especially the charging time. Don't think the longer the time. The larger the capacity, the longer time will damage the battery, and even cause a fire. Too little and frequent charging and discharging will cause considerable damage to the battery.