The "health preservation" of electric vehicles


Before driving: 1. Check whether the power and tire pre […]

Before driving:
1. Check whether the power and tire pressure are sufficient.
2. Check the tire usage and whether the anti-skid pattern is clear
3. Check whether the switch is working properly and whether it is sensitive to use
4. Check whether the brakes and lights are normal, and whether the vehicle is loose
After the inspection, there is nothing unusual, so you can go out with peace of mind.

When driving:
1. Slow start, turn the handle slowly to prevent excessive current from damaging the battery
2. Drive slowly and brake slowly, avoid excessive speed and sudden brakes in rainy and snowy weather and icy roads in winter
3. Avoid wading in water and snow, wading through water and snow in winter may cause damp damage to the controller

After driving:
1. The battery consumes fast in winter, so it is necessary to charge frequently
2. Charge the battery at least once a month if it is not used for a long time
3. Avoid storage at a loss