The technological development of electric bikes?


1. China's electric bikes have always been the world le […]

1. China's electric bikes have always been the world leader in the application of torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology. Powerful companies have already applied integrated electronics and digital technology to controllers, motor valve control, charging control and other components. Electric bicycles will be the commanding heights of future development.
2. Traditional lead-acid batteries have become the Achilles' heel of electric bicycles due to the possibility of secondary pollution, high self-weight, slow charging speed, and short service life. The application technology of nickel-hydrogen batteries in China has gradually matured. Once the safety issues of lithium batteries are solved, they can be popularized. Technology-leading electric bicycle manufacturers should increase research on new energy sources, reduce the cost of new batteries, and give electric bicycles a stronger "source of life".
3. Strengthen the research on charging technology, greatly improve the charging efficiency, and extend the battery life. According to research by relevant experts, 80% of the damaged batteries on the market are damaged by inferior chargers. China's existing high-tech companies have begun research in this area, changing the conventional charging to variable amplitude pulse and digital control technology to effectively control the battery's water loss during the charging process, ensuring the balance of charging and improving the battery life.