What are the developments of electric bicycles?


1. High-tech composite materials and high-strength ligh […]

1. High-tech composite materials and high-strength light alloy materials will be more used in the manufacture of electric bicycles. While successfully applying aluminum alloy materials, light and high-strength materials such as titanium alloy and chromium-molybdenum steel, as well as carbon fiber and other polymer composite materials are used. Increase the strength of electric bicycles and reduce the weight of electric bicycles. Revolutionary changes have taken place in the performance and manufacturing process of bicycles.
2. Strengthen the research of electric bicycle motors, develop high-efficiency energy-saving motors with new energy sources, and high-efficiency compensation motors to further improve the energy efficiency of electric bicycles.
3. Accelerate the application of new international technologies and materials, and use nano-materials in the production of tires, batteries and accessories to make electric bicycles lighter, faster, and travel farther.
4. Apply computer and microelectronic technology more widely in the design of electric bicycle products, mold processing and production process, and continuously improve the degree of production automation and improve the production technology.
5. Electric bicycle manufacturers cooperate with national research institutes and institutions of higher learning to systematically improve the scientific and technological content of products, form technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, and continue to maintain a leading position in the technical field of electric bicycles in the world.
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