What are the common faults of tricycles and how to solve them?


Common faults of electric tricycles 1. The speed contro […]

Common faults of electric tricycles
1. The speed control lever fails or the maximum speed is low
(1) The battery voltage is too low;
(2) The connection between the magnet or the wire rope in the speed control lever is loose;
(3) The speed regulating spring is stuck or fails;
(1) Sufficient battery;
(2) Clamp after re-welding;
(3) Overhaul or replace the spring.

2. Turn on the power, the motor hub does not work
(1) The battery wiring is loose;
(2) Loosen the magnet or steel wire in the speed control lever;
(3) The motor hub wiring plug is loose or damaged;
(1) Repair of battery wiring and wiring;
(2) Re-welding repair;
(3) Find a professional to repair the goods to the repair station for maintenance

3. Less mileage after charging
(1) Insufficient tire pressure;
(2) Insufficient charging or charger failure;
(3) The battery is aging or damaged;
(4) There are a lot of rides, driving against the wind, frequent brake activation, and heavy load.
(1) Fully inflate the tires;
(2) Fully charge or check whether the charger is faulty;
(3) Replace the battery with a new one;
(4) It is recommended to use pedal assist in this case.

4. The driving speed is slow
(1) Check whether the brakes are locked;
(2) Whether the tire pressure is sufficient;
(3) The battery voltage is too low or the service period has expired.
(1) Adjust the brake;
(2) sufficient gas;
(3) Fully charge or replace the battery with a new one.

5. There is a strange noise while riding
(1) The screws and nuts are loose;
(2) The front and rear wheels touch the frame or front fork;
(3) Sprocket or chain grinding chain cover.
(1) Tighten the loose screws and nuts;
(2) Adjust the front and rear wheels;
(3) Adjust the chain cover.