What are the debugging aspects of electric bicycles?


Commissioning of electric bicycles 1. Adjust the height […]

Commissioning of electric bicycles
1. Adjust the height of the handlebar
(1) Remove the rear of the screwdriver and loosen the screw of the core rod;
(2) Move the stem riser to the appropriate height and never exceed the safety rating of the stem riser;
(3) Tighten the mandrel screw.

2. Adjust the height of the saddle
(1) Loosen the saddle screw;
(2) Move the saddle to an appropriate height, and note that the insertion depth of the saddle tube shall not be less than twice the diameter of the saddle tube or the height of the safety wire;
(3) Tighten the saddle nut.

3. When using the car for a long time, a comprehensive inspection and adjustment should be carried out to ensure the comfort and normal service life of the car.

4. Under normal circumstances, the spoked wheel should be adjusted for a period of time after riding to ensure the circumference of the rim, reduce wobble during riding, and help save energy.

5. The adjustment of the brake is the same as that of a normal bike. The key is not only to be able to brake effectively, but also to prevent the wheel from getting stuck when the brake lever is released. (Otherwise it will consume a lot of power).

6. When the car is changing tires. The front wheel is the same as a normal bike, the rear is more complicated as it involves hubs and circuits.