What problems should be paid attention to when buying an electric scooter?


Electric scooters are a very suitable means of transpor […]

Electric scooters are a very suitable means of transportation for the last mile. However, before buying an electric scooter, you must first understand whether the city where you are now allows electric scooters on the road. Because it is not allowed in many cities at present, because the braking distance of electric scooters is too long, it is easy to cause safety accidents.

1. When buying an electric scooter, you should pay attention to the choice of tire size. It is best to understand the local road conditions first. If the tire size is too small, problems are likely to occur when passing through some bumpy roads. So it is better to choose larger tires.

Second, battery life, we buy electric scooters to replace walking. Of course, the longer the battery life, the better, but the longer the battery life, the more expensive the price. At present, the battery life of electric scooters on the market is more than 40 kilometers, and combined with their actual needs, generally they can last for about a week with a single charge.

3. Weight, the weight of electric scooters is generally about 15 kg, which are relatively light types. If you usually need to carry it upstairs and there are many situations that need to be carried by hand, it is better to choose a lighter one as much as possible, which is more convenient for your travel.

Fourth, the price, the price of electric scooters is actually not very high, except when this product first appeared, the price was indeed high, but with the widespread use, the number of manufacturers increased, and the price has also fallen. At present, the general price of electric scooters on the market is around 1000-2000, and you can buy a very good electric scooter.

Of course, in addition to the above conditions, the purchase of electric scooters needs to know more about other aspects, especially how to understand this kind of system, because some dust-proof and fuel-consuming laboratory brake systems are even set. The speed cruise function, in short, depends on whether you like it or not, because you must fully understand these different characteristics in actual use.