What are the development prospects of electric scooters in recent years?


Electric scooters are still a newly emerging industry i […]

Electric scooters are still a newly emerging industry in China. Like the popular balance cars, they belong to the category of leisure toys. The consumer group is limited to a small number of outdoor sports enthusiasts. Compared with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap. Foreign electric skateboards can be on the road. It is more used for short-distance transportation, and the market space is greater. However, with the growth of China's economy, the popularity of automobiles and traffic jams have become more frequent, portable short-distance transportation has developed rapidly. Like balance bikes, the market has begun to explode in the past two years and has become a casual and fashionable means of transportation with huge sales. There are also two-wheeled electric scooters that have long been popular, and they can be seen everywhere.

As for the four-wheel electric skateboard, the market is currently on the eve of an explosion. There are small entrepreneurial teams at home and abroad, and few large companies enter.

Although electric scooters originated abroad, the Chinese market will surely push them to maturity. Because China can make anything into the price of cabbage. Electric skateboards do not have too many technical barriers. Although foreign markets are leading the way, compared with the domestic electric skateboard industry, whether in technology or in the industrial chain, the advantages are not obvious. For example, the electric control solution for electric skateboards developed by Shenzhen Siyili Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is even better than foreign products in terms of control. Therefore, in the electric skateboard industry, it is almost at the same level at home and abroad. Nowadays, the most advanced electric skateboard abroad uses carbon fiber and Kevlar on the panel material, which reduces the weight of the skateboard and greatly improves the portability and aesthetics of the skateboard. There are also some domestic manufacturers that use carbon fiber and composite materials as panels. The price is higher and the high-end route is taken. Therefore, the sales volume is generally not large, and the mid-to-low-end market is still to be developed.

In China, balance bikes, scooters, and electric skateboards have no right of way and are not allowed to drive on the road. They are only used as toys in the factory. If you want to expand the industry, you still need to get the support of national policies to allow electric skateboards to drive on the road to a certain extent. We know that the annual sales of two-wheeled electric scooters reach hundreds of thousands, and they are still growing rapidly.

In the past year or two, although balance bikes have exploded in the market, the quality of cheap products manufactured by some small factories is not good enough. Due to battery safety issues, a large number of them have been removed from the shelves. In addition, the patent problem has not been resolved, which has caused the entire industry to suffer. Great harm.

If electric scooters want to get past the pits of balance bikes, they must strictly control the quality of their products.