What should I pay attention to before riding an electric bike?


Before riding an electric bike, check the tire pressure […]

Before riding an electric bike, check the tire pressure, the steering flexibility of the handlebar, the flexibility of the front and rear wheels, the circuit, the battery power,

The working conditions of the motor and whether the lights, speakers, fasteners, etc. meet the requirements for use.
(1) Insufficient tire pressure will increase the friction between the tire and the road, thereby shortening the mileage; it will also reduce the turning flexibility of the handlebar.

Low, affecting the comfort and safety of riding. When the air pressure is insufficient, the air pressure should be added in time, and the tire pressure should be

The recommended air pressure in the Instruction Manual or the specified air pressure on the tire surface.
(2) When the handlebar is not flexible, it should be lubricated or adjusted in time. Lubrication generally uses butter, calcium base or

Lithium-based grease; when adjusting, first loosen the front fork lock nut, rotate the front fork to the upper gear, when the handlebar rotation flexibility meets the requirements, lock the front

Just lock the female fork.
(3) The front and rear wheels are not flexible enough to rotate, which will increase the rotational friction and increase the power consumption, thereby reducing the mileage. Therefore, one

Once there is a failure, it should be lubricated and maintained in time. Generally, grease, calcium-based or lithium-based grease is used for lubrication; if it is a shaft fault,

The steel ball or shaft can be replaced. If the motor fails, it should be repaired by a professional maintenance unit.
(4) When checking the circuit, turn on the power switch to check whether the circuit is unblocked, whether the connectors are firmly and reliably inserted, and whether the fuse works properly

Whether it is normal, especially whether the connection between the battery output terminal and the cable is firm and reliable. Faults should be eliminated in time.
(5) Before traveling, check the battery power and judge whether the battery power is sufficient according to the mileage of the trip. If the battery is not charged

If it is sufficient, it should be properly assisted by human riding to avoid under-voltage operation of the battery.
(6) The working condition of the motor should also be checked before traveling. Start the motor and adjust its speed to observe and listen to the operation of the motor, if it is abnormal

Phenomenon, it should be repaired in time.