What should I pay attention to before riding an electric bike?(2)


(7) Before using electric bicycles, check the lights, h […]

(7) Before using electric bicycles, check the lights, horns, etc., especially at night. The headlights should be bright, and the beam should generally fall in the range of 5-10 meters in front of the front of the car; the horn should be loud and not hoarse; the turn signal should flash normally, the steering indicator should be normal, and the light flashing frequency should be 75-80 times per minute; The display should be normal.
(8) Before traveling, check whether the main fasteners are fastened, such as the fasteners for the horizontal tube, the vertical tube, the saddle, the saddle tube, the front wheel, the rear wheel, the bottom bracket, the lock nut, the pedal, etc. It should not be loosened. If the fasteners become loose or fall off, they should be tightened or replaced in time. The recommended torque of each fastener is generally: 18N.m for the cross tube, handlebar, saddle, saddle tube, front wheel, and pedals, and 30N.m for the bottom bracket and rear wheel.
6. Try not to use zero starting (ie starting on the spot) for electric bicycles, especially at load-bearing and uphill places. When starting, you should ride with human power first, and then switch to electric driving when reaching a certain speed, or use electric assisted driving directly. This is because when starting, the motor must first overcome the static friction. At this time, the current is relatively large, close to or even reach the resistance current, so that the battery works with high current and accelerates the damage of the battery.
7. When riding an electric bicycle, try to use manual or electric assistance, especially when driving uphill, loading, driving in the wind, or rough and uneven roads. In this way, the battery can be prevented from discharging with high current for a long time and damaging the battery, which is beneficial to increase the continuous mileage of a charge and prolong the service life of the battery.
8. Electric bicycles are not suitable for rough roads or steep slopes (usually ≤8°). If you encounter such roads, you should drive slowly or get off the car. When driving on this kind of road, the working environment of the motor, controller, battery, etc. will be poor, which will reduce the service life and be easily damaged.
9. When electric bicycles are driving, avoid frequent braking and starting. Before braking or at the same time, turn the speed control knob back into position, and try to use human power to ride in the area supported by the road. In this way, the battery can be prevented from being damaged by the large current when starting.
10. The standard load capacity of electric bicycles is 75 kg, and overloading should be avoided as much as possible. If you are overloaded, you should use manual riding and manual assist.
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