What should I pay attention to in the daily use of electric scooters?


It must be fully charged before use. Only when the powe […]

It must be fully charged before use. Only when the power is sufficient can the use effect be greatly guaranteed. After fully charging the electric scooter, the power should be unplugged immediately. Remember to charge overnight. Overcharging or insufficient charging will damage the battery. life. If the scooter will not be used for a period of time, also pay attention to charging the scooter regularly so as not to drain the battery. Also, be careful not to remove the battery at will.

Wheels are the most vulnerable parts of electric scooters, so proper inspection and maintenance of wheels should be carried out in daily maintenance. Users can shake along the tire axis from time to time and feel its firmness by hand. The tightness of the screws is also a part of the wheel that must be checked frequently. Only by fully tightening the screws to ensure the firmness of the assembly can travel safety be ensured.

When placing it, it must be stored reasonably. Do not let it be placed in a place exposed to sunlight or wet by wind and rain. Avoid exposure to sunlight and rain. After all, it is an electronic product and must be protected. safety performance.

Remember not to wash the car with water when the power is on, which will damage the scooter and threaten personal safety. Make sure that water cannot enter the inside of the machine.

Many electric scooter fans only pay attention to the battery, but ignore the charger. In fact, the charger may not be able to charge. Electronic products generally age after a few years of use, and chargers are no exception. If there is a problem with your charger, it will cause the electric scooter battery to not be fully charged, or to charge the battery. This naturally affects battery life as well.