Is the electric scooter better with inflatable wheels or solid wheels?


Although electric scooters all have basic features such […]

Although electric scooters all have basic features such as lightness, foldability, and built-in lithium battery, they are also different in details such as body weight, whether there is a seat, cruising range, whether there is shock absorption, braking function, and motor power. For the tires of electric scooters, the use of pneumatic wheels or solid wheels is obviously a significant difference.

Inflatable wheels or solid wheels?
The biggest advantage of inflatable wheels is comfort and shock absorption, but the disadvantages are also significant: they need to be inflated regularly, and they are easily punctured by roadside nails, glass, and even sharp stones.

The tires of electric scooters are different from car tires. Their internal volume is small and the tire wall is thin, which makes them easy to be punctured; they are also different from bicycles and electric bicycles: the wheels of electric scooters are small and of different sizes, which are time-consuming to repair. It is laborious, and even needs to be couriered to the after-sales service center for repair and replacement.

The advantages and disadvantages of solid wheels are just the opposite of those of pneumatic wheels. The advantages are easy maintenance, but the disadvantages are insufficient shock absorption and comfort.

When is an inflatable wheel not required?
If you don't need to ride the electric scooter on stone roads, brick roads, potholes, and you don't need to drive very fast, or the wheels and frame of the electric scooter have shock absorbers, then you don't need inflatable wheels. No problem.

On the contrary, if the road you often walk is full of potholes, your speed often exceeds 15 km/h (the average speed of a bicycle), and there are no springs or hydraulic shocks for the front and rear wheels, then please do not choose solid tires, otherwise It will make you doubt life.

Front or rear inflatable wheels?
Most electric scooters use pneumatic tires on the front wheels, and some models use pneumatic tires on both the front and rear wheels. There are very few electric scooters that use pneumatic tires on the rear wheels alone.
The reason is mainly due to the following two considerations.

1. Comfort. The biggest use of inflatable wheels is actually shock absorption, and most car owners like to stand in the front position when using electric scooters, which is closer to the handlebar and easier to balance. If you ride in this way, the pressure on the front wheel is obviously greater than that on the rear wheel, and it makes more sense to use a pneumatic tire on the front wheel.

2. The rear wheel is easier to stick with nails. This conclusion may be somewhat arbitrary, because there is no rigorous statistical data to support it, so it is only for your reference.