How much do you know about folding electric bicycles?


The fastest, most labor-saving, and simplest Electric f […]

The fastest, most labor-saving, and simplest Electric folding bike is still the M-type folding electric scooter, which means that the manufacturer has the Shengte brand 1 second folding electric scooter.
Folding electric car is actually an ultra-light electric car, but it is different from ordinary electric car, and its uniqueness
The product is small in size, foldable, exquisite design, excellent material and sophisticated manufacturing process. Made of special light materials such as magnesium alloy

Made of high quality, very light weight.
Main configuration:
Take a series of products as an example, using 24V10AH ternary lithium battery, 240W high-speed geared motor, and equipped with bright night light, USB\notebook charging function, LCD instrument, plus 16X1.75 positive new tires, magnesium alloy retractable car Frame, compass bell.
Folding electric vehicle: The main configuration adopts LCD 5-speed torque transmission, 36V10.4A Samsung lithium battery (up to 45 kilometers), 350W brushless motor rear drive motor (up to 30 kilometers per hour), front and rear disc brakes, and GPS positioning system , WeChat car search, the whole vehicle is formed in one piece, the use of magnesium aluminum alloy materials, aluminum alloy pedals, etc.

main feature
Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, retractable and foldable, fast disassembly and assembly, challenging the "city jam" and a stylish companion for driving outings

Environmentally friendly lithium battery, LCD instrument, compass and other high-end configuration, a new choice for holiday gifts